Part of Carl's Christmas Puzzle Hunt: 2014

Merry Christmas, Boys!

And welcome to the 2014 edition of THE CODE. Mom and I have had a lot of fun putting this code together, and we hope you have just as much fun figuring it out.

As always, a correct solution to the code will let you know which presents are for whom. And here are some of the ground rules for the code this year:

  1. The code is fair. That is, you will be given enough information that you should be able to solve everything.
  2. The code relates to you directly. Once you've solved the code you'll actually know who should receive each gift. (As opposed to early years of the code, where a solution of the code ("gift wrap color", say), could separate the gifts into four sets, but there was a secret, arbitrary assignment of each set to each of you.)

Obviously, the essential information for the code itself will appear on the gifts. But keep your eyes open for additional hints that might appear elsewhere. I'm quite sure you'll really want to use them as they appear.

Have fun, and happy puzzling!


Part of Carl's Christmas Puzzle Hunt: 2014