Part of Carl's Christmas Puzzle Hunt: 2014


Yes, I'm afraid you're going to have to put up with more of my drawings...


[After the drawings in my previous puzzle were not well received, I knew I had to try a bit harder here. Apparently, practice helps, beause I like my drawing of a pig even more than I liked my drawing of Cookie Monster. Plus, it definitely helps to draw on a flat table at home rather than on my lap in a moving train.

For this particular puzzle, some explanation is in order. Within our family, often when our young children misprounounced a word, we have embraced that pronunciation as a family joke and used it everyday conversation. So we eat "gorilla cheese" sandwiches, we drink "lemolade", and we wipe our mouths with "makins", etc. The puzzle here is based on a similar mispronunciation of a major world language.

And I learned that we may need to be more careful with this game we play. After finishing this puzzle, one of my sons confessed that he had always thought that this puzzle's answer was the correct pronunciation for that language, and that he had always used that outside the family. Oops!]

Part of Carl's Christmas Puzzle Hunt: 2014