Part of Carl's Christmas Puzzle Hunt: 2014

[The Big Hint]

This hint worked differently than all of the others. For each of the other hints, a small QR code (perhaps a 5cm X 5cm (1.5" X 1.5") square) appeared on an ornament on the Christmas tree, and then the hint was provided by a puzzle on a web-page, (as you are seeing them here).

But for this one, the QR code that showed up was enormous, perhaps a 0.5m X 0.5m (1.5 ft. X 1.5 ft) square of poster board and was all drawn out by hand.

The poster-size QR code they received looked something like this:


One difference is that their poster contained fine hairlines showing the entire grid of possible squares within the QR code. You'll have to solve without those or draw them yourself---sorry.

Attached to this QR code was an evelope, containing a letter that read as follows:

Merry Christmas, Boys!

As you can tell, this is obviously the biggest clue I'm giving you for the Christmas code this year.

I thought I would try making my own QR code from scratch. I'm pretty happy with how it looks, but the only problem is that it doesn't actually work. But given how fast I've seen you boys eating up my puzzles so far this year, I don't think you'll have any trouble making this code work.

I've included all the supplies you should need.

Have fun, and happy puzzling!



[Additionally, the envelope contained four black squares, each precisely the size of one square of the QR code. Again, you'll need to improvise your own materials to solve this puzzle.]

Part of Carl's Christmas Puzzle Hunt: 2014