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Family photo My family is the greatest source of joy in my life. Stacy and I have been married since December 30, 1995 and are having many wonderful adventures raising our four sons, Cameron, Hyrum, Andrew, and Scott. One defining aspect of our family life is our membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( Another essential aspect of our family life is play. The LEGO system is a favorite toy of all the boys in the family, and we're starting to put together a decent collection of favorite games. We also love wrestling together and doing pretty much anything to make each other laugh.


Since about the age of 10, (think BASIC on an Apple ][e), I've found myself wanting to program computers more often than time generally allows. I feel very fortunate that so much Free Software exists that I can very often find that someone else has already written the programs that I would like to write if I had the time, (and I'm given the freedom to adapt the software to my exact desires). I'm also very fortunate to work for Intel, (and previously, Red Hat), which gives me the opportunity to write Free Software as a full-time job.

Cairo logo The single software project that I've spent the most time on is the cairo graphics library which has been a tremendous amount of fun, but it's really only interesting for other programmers. Non-programmers might be interested in some of the other games and toys that I've written. I share all my programs as Free Software and I'll put more information about obtaining those programs here soon, (please pester me if you're interested in something I've written and cannot find it).

I've presented talks about several of my software projects which might be interesting to read about. I've always posted the slides I've presented, and I've recently started doing much better writeups so people that didn't hear me speak alongside the slides can still understand them.

Other things

When I'm not at home, I'm likely rock climbing, or maybe hiking in the Columbia gorge with my family. When I'm home, I'm often trying to learn to play the piano, (I love the work of Chopin, but can't play much of anything yet), doing origami, or playing games with my family. I'm toying with the idea of implementing several networked games over at

I may be reached by email to (shocking, isn't it?). I'm always glad to hear any response you might have to anything I've written here.